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I am Hariman Sharma and today I’m a successful horticulturist. In my family, I have my wife, two sons, and two daughters. I come from a place (Bilaspur, H.P) where land has 80% rocks and 20% soil. The success that I have achieved today, for that I have faced many challenges and difficulties.

From 1971 to 1982 I was a laborer; from 1983 to 1990, I have done rock breaking and vegetable cultivation; from 1991 to 1998, I also started nurturing mango orchard along with vegetable cultivation. In 1999 I observed a small apple seedling sprouted in my courtyard and I preserved that seedling and started nurturing it with the knowledge that I gained during my farming experience. After two years the apple tree started giving fruits, fruits were good in quality but were small in size. So, to improve the quality I grafted its stem with the plum tree and the results were exceptionally good. Ultimately, I developed a different variety of apple which can be grown commercially at very low hills with a warm climate.

Slowly with the time words got spread about the discovery of a new variety of apple by me. On 7 July 2007, I went to Shimla and offered a basket of my variety of apples to the Himachal CM. And soon the CM named this apple as “Hariman”. Experts from Horticulture University especially visited my orchards and were truly convinced.

I developed 8 apple trees and they are growing alongside the mango trees till date. The apple variety that I have developed is named after me – HRMN-99. So far, I have developed and distributed 3 lakh trees to farmers across the country and 55 apple saplings of HRMN-99 are also planted in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

I have planted 15ooo apple saplings with the NIF (National Innovation Foundation) sponsorship in 29 states out of which in 15 states fruits has already started bearing, and 30,000 with the sponsorship of C.C.M.B (Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology  Hyderabad) in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam. Meneka Sanjay Gandhi is the Brand Ambassador of my apple variety.

Other than this I also have fruit orchards of Mango, Litchi, Pomegranate, Coffee and Peach trees.

Resources Owned by HARIMAN SHARMA



21 Bigha- 12 Biswa



Mango, Litchi, Pomegranate, Coffee and Peach trees



2 Buffaloes, 1 Goat



1 Well, Power tiller, 1 Tank, Sprinkler & Drip Irrigation System (Fitted throughout the orchards) and Polyhouse.

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Awarded as progressive farmer at Indian Agricultural Research institute (IARI), Delhi.

Received an award for his innovation from the President of India by National Innovation Foundation for the ‘In-Residence’ programme at Rashtrapathi Bhavan.

Best Himachali Kisan Title 2010


Prerna Srot Samman Puruskar, August 15, 2009


State Level Best Farmers Award, August 15, 2008


Successful Apple Production Award in Una (2011)


Board Level and District Level Award 2007 & 2008

Krishi Pandit Award on 19th January 2017


Best Farmer Award 29.4.2017 on the auspicious occasion of IFFCO’s Golden Jubilee


IARI Fellow Farmer Award by Union Agriculture Minister of State – Pusa Bhawan – 17.3.2-10


National Innovative Farmer Award by Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Ministery, Government of India – Given by Radha Mohan Singh on 21 March, 2016


Awarded for the apple production by Governor of Himachal Pradesh on 3 February, 2016


National 2nd Award by President on 4 March, 2017, Sponsored by National Innovation Foundation, India


Received Farmer Scientist Award by Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner on 9 March, 2017

Message to Farmers

Karma is the right of human beings. Karma is not done for achieving the fruits. In a field, farmer’s work is to sow the seeds, but growing grains is not in the hands of the farmer. The farmer should never leave his work incomplete and should try everything to make his best effort. I tried to nurture that apple seedling and do something innovative with it, that’s why I’m here and that’s why an apple variety is named after me. Every farmer should try his best and do his karma.


Address: Village- Paniyala Kothi, District- Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh (171102)

Phone:+91 9418867209, +91 9817284251, +91 7018520244